Region 10

Ohio Destination Imagination


The Region 10 2018 Tournament will be on Saturday, February 24th at the Delta Middle School 1101 Panther Pride Drive, Delta, OH 43515

There are 3 steps to registering your team to compete.

First, you need a team number from the national DI website. Indpendent teams cn CLICK HERE. School teams may get their's through their school - check first. Once you have your number...

Second, you need to register your team with Ohio DI.

CLICK HERE to do that. Once, you've done that...

Get Directions!

Third, click the .pdf icon to download the Region 10 registration form and mail us the tournament fee.

Site Rules: 1) Helium - yes if always under your control. 2) Dry Ice - yes if handled and disposed of safely. 3) "Weapons" - must clearly look and be fake (and we are the final judge of that).


Later, you can use these links to send us the other required information.

Click to register your team's appraiser

Click to register your team's volunteer